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-Several spells are available for use in battle. These include summon bones, ice blast, banish undead, firebolt, lightning, and summon animal. Spoilers are present here, so please don't read if you want to keep the fun mystery associated with this wonderful game. Summon bones, for necromancers only, allows a skeleton to be summoned. Ice blast, lightning, and summon animal are self-explanitory. Banish undead is for necromancers only, and mainly damages enemy skeletons but may affect living targets. Others, like grow and shrink, charm and polymorph, are mentioned in the conditions section, so I recommend you read that as well.+===== Entombed Spells ===== 
 +Entombed is host to many magical and wonderous phenomena, some of which can be controlled with spells. Depending on your character's job, you may have many spells at your disposal. Spells require magic points to cast. 
 +Spells are powerful offensive and defensive tools. Some encounters may be very difficult without the help of magic, so be sure to experiment. Some spells have side-effects that aren't immediately obvious. 
 +To find your character's spells, first press C to go to the character menu, then select jobs, then spells.  
 +Some spells can be cast out of combat. Press M to get a list of possible candidates. 
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