Entombed Key Shortcuts and Menu Descriptions

  • Left Control / Right Control: Abort SAPI text. Not all text can be aborted.
  • Quotes: Enter a shop. Obviously only works when a shop is present.
  • Question Mark: Get directions to the nearest unexplored space.
  • L: Get your X, Y location on the map and whether or not you've visited that space before.
  • F5: Save your game. New saves overwrite old ones. You can't save while in combat.
  • Period: Descend a stairway.
  • Comma: Ascend a stairway.
  • M: Use magic. This only works if you have a character that can use magic, and the spell can be used while exploring the dungeon.
  • G: Pick items up off the floor. If you're standing in a room, you'll get a list of items in the entire room.
  • D: Drop the currently selected item. Only works in the inventory menu.
  • I: Inventory. Use this to browse your inventory. Pressing the tab key sorts your items into different groups.
  • E: Equipment. Use this to equip weapons and armor. Pressing the tab key switches between the characters in your adventuring party.
  • X: Examine. This key has multiple uses depending on the context it's used in. It describes the currently selected object. Items, monsters, spells, and more can all be examined in detail. When pressed while standing in a room, it will describe the location of the doors. Use examine anytime you want more information on a given object, monster, or spell.
  • Z: Search your surroundings. This attempts to find any secret locations that might be adjacent to your current position. It's not always successful, even if a secret is present, so it's not wise to search every inch of the dungeon. Searching passes time which can result in an encounter or spell effects triggering.
  • S: Status. Use this key to get health and magic status on any character in your party.
  • C: The C key has two functions. The first is getting detailed character information. Use it to administer skill points, choose secondary jobs, and get more information on skills and abilities. The C key can also be used to compare a selected item with similar equipped items. For example, if you have a sword selected on your inventory menu, that sword will be compared with every other weapon equipped by your party. If a character can't use an item, it won't be compared.
  • Escape: Use this to cancel selections from menus or to bring up the options menu when no other menu is present.
  • Plus and Minus keys: These keys are used to administer skill points. First press the C key to bring up your character details. Then select the option to distribute skill points. When a skill is selected that you want to improve, press the plus key to add a point to it. The minus key can be used to remove points if you make a mistake. Once your skill point changes have been saved, they can't be further edited.
  • T: Timeline. Use this to display the order of combatants in battle. A character's order in the battle queue is determined by a number of factors including their last action, their speed, and any status effects.
  • Tab: The tab key is used to sort items in a menu, switch the currently selected character in some menus, or switch the targets in the battle menu. For example, when browsing the inventory menu, you can press tab to sort the items into groups. When the equipment or character menu is active, tab will switch the currently selected character. When selecting a target in battle, you can use the tab key to switch the target types. This means you can potentially attack your own party.
  • R: Rest. Resting restores your health and magic fully. Resting passes a lot of time which can result encounter interruptions.
  • Arrow keys - Up, Down, Left, Right: These move your party through the dungeon and change menu selections. See Navigating the Dungeon for more information on dungeon exploration.
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