Entombed Dungeon Creator

The Entombed Dungeon Creator is an expansion currently in development for Entombed. It allows the player to create their own weapons, armor, monsters, job classes, and more!


  • When will the Entombed Dungeon Creator be released?
    • I anticipate to have the Entombed Dungeon Creator ready for release in late 2010. However, a test version will be available to everyone who owns the full version of Entombed sooner.
  • How much will the expansion cost?
    • $14.99 USD (tentatively)
  • Does the Entombed Dungeon Creator require Entombed to run?
    • Yes. The Entombed Dungeon Creator is based off of the Entombed engine. You'll need to full version to play the expansion.
  • What is editable?
    • Most things! Anything that is now internal to Entombed will be opened up to the player.
  • How do you create, say, a new item? Do you need scripting knowledge?
    • The Entombed Dungeon Creator will have editors for all its creation tools. None of these tools require scripting.
  • You don't -need- to learn how to script, but what if you -want- to script? To add a powerful new kind of spell or something?
    • I might get to scriptable spells and abilities, but it largely depends on how well everything comes together and how much interest there is for scripting.
  • If scripting is added, what scripting engine will the Entombed Dungeon Creator use?
    • If I add a scripting engine to the Entombed Dungeon Creator, it'll very likely be Ruby.
  • What good does rating a player-made dungeon highly?
    • If you play a particularly fun dungeon, rate it highly, and it'll be more visible to other players. After we've accumulated a few truly remarkable dungeons, I'm considering mashing them together for a unique challenge to players; tentatively titled: The Entombed Dungeon Challenge 2010.
  • Will other expansions be developed?
    • Well, there were hints about that…
  • What about updates to Entombed?
    • The full version of Entombed will continue to get new features and updates.
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