Jobs and the Job System

Entombed has a unique and fun job system that allows enormous variety. Generally speaking, your character's job is what they're primarily good at. A job defines a number of skills, abilities, and magic that your character can use.

In addition to your primary job, once your character reaches a certain level, they can choose secondary job too. You can set your secondary job on the character menu (key C in-game).

A second job grants your character all the skills and abilities of that job, but there are a few caveats. For one, second jobs don't receive any armor or weapon skills. Second jobs don't affect the stat growth of your character.

For example, lets say you choose Fighter as your primary job and Healer as your secondary. Your character will inherit the spells and abilities of the healer job and you'll be able to use all the weapons and armor that a fighter grants. However, your magic points won't grow as fast as if you had chosen a spell caster primary job and your intelligence will suffer.

Alternatively, lets say you choose Healer as your primary job and Fighter as your secondary. Your character's magic points will grow quickly and you'll be very intelligent, but you wont receive any of the Fighter weapon or armor skills. Your Healer / Fighter can use Flurry though – which is an exclusive Fighter ability.

Using this system you can create a vast array of different characters with drastically different strengths and weaknesses. In all, there are over 350 possible combinations!

Jobs in Entombed

Note: Not all jobs are available from the on-set. You may have to discover how to unlock them. Some jobs are only available in the full version of Entombed.

  • Fighter - The fighter is a master of close combat. Fighters focus on skills and abilities that directly damage an enemy.
  • Mage - The mage has perfected the art of combat magic.
  • Healer - Healers are drawn by a natural instinct to help their allies and focus their studies on benevolent magic.
  • Shaman - Shaman are tribal leaders full of wisdom.
  • Thief - The thief is a master of misdirection and subtlety.
  • Fortune Teller - Fortune Tellers are renowned for their accurate and sometimes catastrophically inaccurate predictions of future events.
  • Wanderer - Wanderers travel the countryside fitting in nowhere.
  • Ranger - A true ranger is said to be a child of the wilderness. Taught from a young age to handle bows, the ranger's skill is unmatched.
  • Necromancer - Necromancers have an unnatural and unhealthy obsession with the dead. Fearing nothing, they command their slaves from beyond the grave.
  • Adventurer - Adventurers combine their love of exploration with the love of shiny things to great effect.
  • Druid - The druid is inspired by nature and empowered as its protector.
  • Trickster - Tricksters have mastered magic for their own amusement.
  • Brawler - Brawlers have an uneven temper and love nothing more than the thrill of battle.
  • Bard - Bards craft magical melodies that hamper their enemies and boost their allies.
  • Monk - Monks meditate to the ebb and flow of the universe. They channel this energy into battle when threatened.
  • Barbarian - Barbarians care nothing of custom and have honed their skills in battle through a perilous life in the wilderness.
  • Assassin - Assassins are professional killers hired out to the highest bidder.
  • Paladin - Paladins uphold honor and virtue in battle. Nothing stands between them and their Code.
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