Navigating the Dungeon

Entombed is the first RPG of its kind for the blind and visually impaired. Each dungeon layout is different, along with different challenges, secret rooms, and equipment. Navigating Entombed can seem tricky at first, but knowledge of a few key commands will have you spelunking like a pro in no time. Imagine Entombed's dungeons like a large floor plan. The perspective is fixed from the top down. Using the arrow keys will move your party around the dungeon. Arrow Up is north, Arrow Down is south, Arrow Left is west, and Arrow Right is east. Wind sounds allow you to determine which passageways are open from your location. Left and right passages can be heard in the left or right stereo field, north passages are a higher pitch, and south passages are a lower pitch. There is no penalty for brushing up against a wall, so don't worry too much if you make an error. You'll hear a footstep sound if you moved into an empty space or a crumbling sound if you moved towards a wall.

Navigating an ever-changing dungeon can be difficult at first, especially lower in the dungeon where floors can be large. However, there are a few critical commands that will help you find your way easily.

The question mark key will always give you directions to the nearest unexplored space. Press it whenever you're unsure where to go next. The X key will describe the location of doors in any room you're standing in.

Finally, should you find a stairwell up or down use the period key to descend and the comma key to ascend.

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