Twilight Town

Twilight Town is a community of trapped dungeon dwellers. They've scraped together what they could and created a number of useful destinations. Use these to your advantage.

The General Store

The general store stocks a number of items you may find useful on your quest. The general store in Twilight Town is the only shop in the dungeon that re-stocks items. Be sure to pop back often to see if anything important has been added.

The Tavern

The tavern in Twilight Town is where you can find quests posted from the local populance. They live in constant strife, so you won't have any trouble finding work there. Quests are added periodically, so check back often. Completing quests grants you a reward of gold and items. Some quests are extremely difficult. Think long and hard about which you really want to accept. Once accepted, you might not be able to avoid a difficult encounter.

The Twilight Bazaar

* Note: The bazaar is only available in the full version of Entombed.

The Twilight Bazaar is one of the most important locations in Twilight Town. Here you can sell items you've discovered or purchase new items; however, the Twilight Bazaar only operates on 'Trade Coins'. Trade coins can only be earned by selling items on the bazaar. Some items are supplied by the ruling coucil in Twilight Town and never expire. You might find some interesting things there on occassion…

The bazaar allows players all over the world to trade items found in their own dungeon. Items in scarce supply will be hot commodities. If you find an excellent item you can't use, the bazaar is a perfect place to drop it off. You might be able to find some truly rare items as well. Check back often!

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