Characters and Statistics

Your Character

You create your main character when you start a new game. Although your main character is important, it is possible for them to die (or worse). Fortunately, this isn't the end of the road if you've managed to add other characters to your party. Read on for helpful advice in keeping your band of dungeon dwellers alive and well.

Character Statistics

Every character in Entombed is defined by statistics. They can be large or small, massive or frail, strong or weak, or any number of possibilities. The following are major statistics that define characters and monsters alike.

  • Health (Hit Points) - Your overall health determines how much damage you can sustain before dying. This is an important statistic, but it's not the whole story. Each part on your character has health as well. Your hands, feet, legs, arms and more all have health. If a vital part (like your head, for example) takes too much damage, you can die without losing all your overall health. Characters have a threshold of how much pain that can take before expiring, so you will always die before your overall health reaches 0.
  • Magic (Magic Points) - Magic points are used when casting spells. The more you have, the more spells you can cast before resting.
  • Size - Your size determines how difficult you are to damage and strike. A large character takes less physical damage when struck. A small character has an easier time avoiding attacks.
  • Mass - Your mass helps you stand your ground when struck by a physical weapon. It is usually tied directly to your size, but some charcters have higher or lower mass for their size. Dwarves, for example, are more massive than their size would suggest.
  • Strength - Strength directly affects the damage you deal with physical weapons. It also helps your character put more mass behind their attacks, which, in turn, enables them to knock opponents off balance more easily.
  • Intelligence - A character's intelligence can boost or hinder the effectiveness of magical attacks. Intelligent characters will out-damage their lesser peers. Intelligence can also help a character spot secrets.
  • Speed - Speed determines how quickly a character can act in battle. Faster characters usually get the advantage at the start of battle, but also take less time between actions.
  • Coordination - A character's coordination is responsible for how accurate they are with attacks and how much damage they deal with ranged weapons. Coordination is relative to the charater's target. Two highly coordinated characters will be evenly matched, but in mis-matched battle, accuracy will be in favor of the more coordinated individual.
  • Fortune - Fortune determines how lucky an individual character is. This can manifest itself in a number of possibilities.
  • Creativity - Creativity determines the effectiveness of status ailments. More creative characters will have an easier time applying negative conditions and boosting positive ones. See Conditions and Magic Effects for more information on conditions.
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