Quick Start

For those new to Entombed, these instructions will get you familiar with the flow of the game quickly.

To start a new game, select “Start New Game” from the main menu and create a character. You'll have the choice of many different fantasy races and job types. Your race determines a number of details about your character, like their starting statistics, body size, health, and allies. For now, choose human. They're average across the board.

Your type of job is the most important decision you'll make at this stage. Your job determines what abilities you start with, your stat growth, and what weapons and armor you can use. Close quarters fighters will advance their strength and health faster than magic users for example. While magic users will get more intelligent. It's generally easier to start with a melee fighter if you're new to the game.

Once you've selected your job, you'll be tossed into the dungeon with nothing but a very poor weapon and a pet.

To move around, use the arrow keys. You'll know if a direction is valid if you can hear a breeze blowing from there. Use the Question Mark key to locate any space you haven't visited yet. This will help you navigate the dungeon without getting lost. See Navigating the Dungeon for detailed instructions on how to move about the dungeon.

The most important keys you need to know at this stage are the arrow keys for moving around and the shift key for showing a context menu. Every command in Entombed also has a cooresponding hotkey. For a listing of all the hot keys in Entombed with descriptions, see Commands.

The equipment screen allows you to equip weapons and armor. Use the tab key to switch between your party members. To equip something, just press enter on the body part. To wield weapons, press enter on your hands. If you found a nice new shiny weapon or armor and don't see it when you got to the equip menu, it's because your character's job can't use that item.

The inventory screen allows you to use scrolls, potions, and examine items. Press enter on the item to use it or X to hear a detailed description.

Your character menu gives you all kinds of information about your character. You'll need to go here to assign skill points and choose secondary professions in the future. You can switch between your party members with the tab key.

While walking around the dungeon, you might hear the sound of an item being moved. This is a sign that there is something on the ground. Press G to pick it up. Obviously important things are weapons and armor, but you'll also find scrolls, potions, and more while exploring the dungeon. After battle, make sure you pick up any items of interest off the ground.

Eventually, you're going to get noticed by the local hostile residents. These can include monsters, animals, or other sentient creatures like yourself. Battles are turn based and turns are determined by characters' speed. While in battle, you'll have the option to use techniques or magic (if your character has them). More information on Entombed's battles can be found in the Battles section.

Armed with this quick start information, you'll hopefully have a better shot at escaping and an easier time learning the game! Good luck!

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